Multifamily Program Overview

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) Multifamily Program provides cost-effective energy efficiency measures to the multifamily residential market throughout the PSO electric service territory. Through the program, participating Service Providers will perform energy efficient upgrades in dwelling units of participating customers. Additionally, multifamily properties can receive energy efficient direct install measures and an energy survey outlining other opportunities for energy saving upgrades and improvements across the property.

Program Objectives

The program’s objectives are to help multifamily property owners, managers, and tenants reduce energy usage at the property and the dwelling units, as well as learn more about their energy consumption.

Program Eligibility

Program Participation

STEP 1: Property managers, owners, and/or service providers can enroll their project for prelimiary review by applying here or contacting an Account Manager at 888-776-1366.
STEP 2: Property managers, owners, and/or service providers schedule an appointment to have an Account Manager assess the property to determine eligible energy-efficient measures. A property management representative should plan to be present for the duration of the energy survey.
STEP 3:  The Account Manager will work with Prop manager or owner to coordinate installation of rebate measures with a participating Service Provider**
STEP 4: The property manager will send notices to all tenants about the upcoming installations.
STEP 5:  The property manager will schedule a property management representative to accompany the Service Provider team to access units while they perform installations.
STEP 6: A post-installation inspection may be performed on a sample of the units while initial work is being performed or upon completion of the work. A property management representative should plan to be present for the duration of the inspection.

 *The enrollment form is a one-page document that all participants must complete. This form collects information required to confirm eligibility for the program and helps determine which energy efficiency measures are appropriate for the property.

**A limited number of participating Service Providers are approved for Multi-family installations. Should you require a specific contractor that is not currently on the list, please contact an Account Manager to discuss training opportunities.